Spelling Bee

Homeschool Spelling Bee

The homeschool spelling bee is an annual event for southeast Tennessee and North Georgia homeschoolers in first through eighth grades.  The bee is registered with the Scripps National Spelling Bee who publishes yearly word lists.  Registration opens in August, and the actual spelling bee takes place in  January.  At the homeschool level the bee is written, not oral, so that many grades can participate at once.  The top three winners from grades fourth through eighth progress to the next level of competition called the Zone Spelling Bee.  Each grade winner of the homeschool spelling bee receives a medal  while area businesses provide prizes for all winners.  The homeschool spelling bee encourages competition and all spellers to improve their spelling abilities while creating a memorial experience.   For further information or questions, contact Missee Prus at missee@accountingministry.com.