To be part of CSTHEA activities, join THEA, our state defense organization

All CSTHEA-sponsored athletics and activities require THEA membership.
You must be a member by Dec. 31 to take advantage of our discounted graduation rate.

Please click this link to join and pay online

Please complete send a $10 check payable to CSTHEA at P.O. Box 23374, Chattanooga, TN 37422.

Why it matters

The Tennessee Home Education Association was formed in 1984 to defend the rights of parents to direct the education of their children and to provide a statewide network of support, encouragement, and assistance to home schooling families.

THEA is a large and supportive network divided into the various parts of the state. Seven chapters and dozens of support groups serve families where they live.

Legislative guardianship

THEA monitors the Tennessee legislative and judicial arenas, and alerts members to crucial events affecting the freedom of home education. We also write and find sponsors for legislation favorable to homeschooling, and coordinate an annual Capitol Hill rally and reception day. That is marked by festivities in the memorial auditorium, displays, food and legislator visits.

Some chapters host annual conferences or education expos offering education resources and workshops. Local chapters also handle graduation, workshops, field days and field trips. Local support groups elect to affiliate with their local THEA chapter to receive legal and insurance protection. Some chapters publish newsletters such as the Esprit in Chattanooga

Families take part in a campout held for Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girl groups sponsored by CSTHEA.