Currently, we do not have an active yearbook staff.

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Cornerstone Yearbook is a produced for homeschool students and their families. It’s a beautiful commemoration of everything the homeschool community does in a school year. It’s a great way for students to remember friends and fun times.

The yearbook is designed by a staff of home educated high school students who work throughout the year to produce a book of exceptional quality. The students earn high school credit in journalism.

Every grade level from pre-K to high school seniors is in Cornerstone Yearbook. There are categories for academics, sports, clubs, family and student life. Each CSTHEA activity has a page in Cornerstone. There are also pages that show milestones, seasonal fun, performances, field trips and so much more.

Cornerstone represents homeschool families in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. It is professionally published by Jostens.

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