‘You are doing so many things right, but —’ 

➤ “Jeannette, you do so many things right but you are neglecting the one thing that God says will give you success.”

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➤ It’s amazing what a well trained 4-year-old can manage. Good habits, love of outdoors, knowing neighborhood animals make child ready for story time and books. Rochelle has more in her complete essay.

➤ Tammy tells how to light your child’s brain on fire.

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It’s our summer reading edition of the Esprit newsletter — with news about the homeschool expo July 20 and 21 at Camp Jordan, East Ridge.

Education before academics — & details of expo — Esprit newsletter 

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Joy Cherrick with her children under open skies — moody ones. (Photo Rochelle Marshall)

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Our work is God-given and we find great peace in remaining faithful to our task even if it’s only a fraction of a “perfect day” capacity. 4 tools to help during hard days as a homeschool mom. Also in your May/June Esprit newsletter:

➤ True or false: “My success as a mom depends on my curriculum”? Rebekah defies 4 popular lies

➤ Make love reign in your home, Tammy advises, or be a hypocrite

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Overcoming homeschool year-end slog

Esprit newsletter: Grace & godly encouragement

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Top Chattanooga grads talk about future

Outstanding homeschool grads in Chattanooga look to future prosperity, service. Gage Plotner and Andrew James-Catalano boost free market, pursuing own genius. Posted by NoogaRadio 92.7 FM on Monday, March 19, 2018

Esprit newsletter: Our favorite podcasts + apprentices wanted 

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A trainer assists a young woman in loosening bolts of a wheel at a garage. (Photo kirkgatepreschool.co.uk)

Esprit newsletter: Good days — bad days 

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Unconditional love; Jeannette, Rebekah, Rochelle look at Christmas

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Teaching our sons to defend the innocent

Welcome to homeschooling in Chattanooga

Your home education adventure is off to a great start in the Chattanooga area because so much of the field work has already been done.

Our homeschooling community is well established and supported. If you are considering home education, we hope you will recognize you are not alone. CSTHEA provides getting-started guides, mentor moms and points you to information on just about anything.

If you are a homeschooling family looking for guidance or moral support, you have come to the right place. We estimate about 1,500 families are homeschooling in the Chattanooga area.

Welcome to the community!

We will place all CSTHEA events but not practices in the calendar. Have an event that is not in the calendar? Send an email to Arthur Ruckman (ArthurRuckman@CSTHEA.org). Send your activity pictures to this address also and it may be featured on the website.