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A trainer assists a young woman in loosening bolts of a wheel at a garage. (Photo kirkgatepreschool.co.uk)

Rally Day March 14 puts us in front of senators, reps, lets us tell truth on homeschooling

In this august chamber, homeschoolers will hold their Rally Day on March 14.

Rally Day, the Day on Capitol Hill hosted and sponsored by TN Home Education Association, www.tnhea.org, for Tennessee homeschooling families to bring the good report of home education to our elected law-makers.

The event is March 14, a Wednesday, and has a new format because state legislators have moved offices and committee rooms out of the legislative plaza and War Memorial Building into the Cordell Hull Building.

Following the horrific child abuse crimes committed by the Turpins, using homeschooling as a cloak to conceal their crimes, global media has called for tighter regulation of home schoolers. The Turpin criminal child abuse is not a homeschool case, but one of child abuse and neglect. Every state has tough child abuse and neglect laws as well as truancy laws.

It is vital for lawmakers to see their homeschooling constituents and to learn about the strength and vibrancy of home education in Tennessee. Join homeschoolers from across our state on Capitol Hill for Rally Day. We’ll gather for our Rally in the historic House of Representatives Chamber in our Capitol Building for a celebration of home education.

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Graduation dates to remember

 Graduation details

Late registrations

  • ➤ A $50 late fee, and a face-to-face meeting is required to register.
  • ➤ If you miss the earlier meeting and wish to register, e-mail homeschool@csthea.org and we will attempt to contact you.

Mark your calendar

  • May 17, a Thursday, graduation rehearsal
  • May 18, a Friday, the graduation banquet
  • Graduation itself, on a Saturday, May 19, 1 p.m. at Abba’s House in Hixson

Unconditional love; Jeannette, Rebekah, Rochelle look at Christmas

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Teaching our sons to defend the innocent

Welcome to homeschooling in Chattanooga

Your home education adventure is off to a great start in the Chattanooga area because so much of the field work has already been done.

Our homeschooling community is well established and supported. If you are considering home education, we hope you will recognize you are not alone. CSTHEA provides getting-started guides, mentor moms and points you to information on just about anything.

If you are a homeschooling family looking for guidance or moral support, you have come to the right place. We estimate about 1,500 families are homeschooling in the Chattanooga area.

Welcome to the community!

We will place all CSTHEA events but not practices in the calendar. Have an event that is not in the calendar? Send an email to Arthur Ruckman (ArthurRuckman@CSTHEA.org). Send your activity pictures to this address also and it may be featured on the website.